The current Legacy Of The Beast Tour is named after a comic book and is on mobile phones, but also reminders that last year the band released a double album Senjutsu, on which it continues the trend of expansive compositions with a generous track, which set in the previous poetry The Book Of Souls.

The set-up therefore belonged to the novelties of the three songs Senjutsu, Stratego and The Writing On The Wall.

Then the scene changed, Iron Maiden gave the song a visual announcement with a large canvas in the background, and the classic Revelations sounded. After some new songs, the Blood Brothers from the reunion album Brave New World and the gloomy Sign Of The Cross from The X Factor, one of two, the city of Bruce Dickinson sang the temporary substitute Blaze Bayley.

It is nice that Iron Maiden does not know these controversial points and that even Dickinson has no problem singing material from them. For the sake of completeness, let’s add that The Clansman from Virtual IX was played as part of the first batch block.

From the set with which the band played the concert, it was clear that the colossus of Iron Maiden was not going to stop. It was in my place, in the saddle. Eyeshadowing effects, Eddie’s mascot in a samurai costume, Bruce’s forts and masks sentenced to death in genil Hallowed By The Name really took your breath away and of course music.

More recently, there has been talk in insider about which of the younger bands should replace tits like Metallica, Judas Priest or the first Iron Maiden. After reviewing this speech, for that, at least in the case of the Iron Maiden, dn. Right scene, fire, effects, replace it d.

Iron Maiden

Sinobo Stadium, Prague

June 20, 2022

Rated: 90 %

But Janick Gers, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray do not imitate the millimeter-accurate interplay of the triplets. Bassist Steve Harris, who, as is his good habit, honestly sang the whole concert for himself, replace only st.

Charismatic frontmen like Bruce Dickinson, with instantly recognizable singing and well-known acting talent, do not grow in the trees. And Nick McBrain’s bic-seven-year-old, his footsteps and rhythmic twists with incredible lightness and self-evidentness, watch and color guitar riffs and threats? Original cadmium inches, tko s nkm pomiteln.

By the way, this also applies to one of the pedigrees, the Australian Airbourne, who were referred to as AC / DC successors. Visually and musically, they are really powerful, but it’s still just a derivative. They lack something that separates the sriov product, however made, from the original.

And it’s not about Iron Maiden’s compositional skills, not the ability to write, but masterfully graduated epics, where you devour every chapter, even if you know it two by heart.

He doesn’t have to be completely satisfied with the direction that the group has set out in recent years, when it forgets about spontaneity a bit and plays a lot of something for itself. Pay only on the albums, iv would give up and leave everything on the podium. I firmly hope that this will take a long time.