The O2 arena burst at all. Leo Mare entertained the audience in a big way, while Jaromr Nohavica had a concert at the Universe. He sang twenty-eight songs and gave them to him while standing with gusto. When they left, many regretted not including his or her favorite dog. My pants have so many songs that he could build you such shows. It is therefore always interesting to watch the dramaturgical composition of his playlist. How the state of the program and which writes use to establish contact and communication with the audience.

This year’s first big bang concert did not play for Nohavica in good times. The hysteria over the fact that the damned blessing from Tna did not want to shake the broom pedan to Putin could have led to various demonstrations and provocations in the sleeves. Therefore, Mon made a slightly uncertain impression at the arrest, but when he found out that the audience was attentive to the concert, he started the concert at full speed.

As an experienced playwright, he exhibited his first crack at the concert in order to be able to respond to anything that would be lost. Therefore, he played the podium in the role of an Ostrava outsider, who is a bit of a booze and a bit of a woman, ie in a comical position that Prakm has been around for a long time. The Museum of Opava, a song about a passing life, has created an arc for the future finale of more than two hours of performance.

But the arrest is dominated by cheerful ones. They go after me, they go, Ostrava, Nplava. Only here and there flashes a nostalgic tn (Sarajevo or the little known and underappreciated Time Pigeons) or a love dog (Eclipse is being bathed). Take some of your trips into the world of classical music. Brilliantly texted Mozart’s Turkish March completes the performance of Beethoven’s compositions She’s Bad for Me, in which she calls a guest wind instrument Michal Michal. By the way, the singers of the usual two-member accompaniment, drummer Pavel Plnka and multi-instrumentalist Robert Kumiersky, came to the fore.

Jaromr Nohavica and guest

O2 Universe

May 13, 2022

Rated: 85 %

Riding something from Ostrava and children’s languages ​​hka (Metro for moles) and the songbook will make me spread on the bread. This is followed by an effective instrumental interlude and then a full leg of Nohavica. I’m dark. life is in fzi horch as. There is something beyond ns, but touch ns.

There is a wolf (the famous Desert Viana known as Pnov nahoe) that no one wants here, a social unrest that affects the elderly (Mr. President), a divided society. Popular Shame of Glory suddenly has a new verse about covidu. And there is fear, too. About me, I am familiar with the dogs of the same name, slowly suggesting that we are moving from the world of protest to the general, to the sweet taste of life once up, once down, to the songs that the author calls himself, but they are basically about each of us. My mother gave me a sore throat, A scar on my lip. nm human bottom.

It was a concert about sle songbooks. There was no need for laser effects, machines, or art to make the audience leave with a sense of pleasure. There were words, sung in a slightly stiff voice. And I’m just a coincidence for the stubborn crowd in the audience.