I wanted to capture this moment, to Kiev’s Tatra Marika, who has a tattooed anti-tank weapon on her leg and a Molot cocktail on her hand.

Marika stayed in the metropolis after the invasion. I didn’t think she would do anything like that. My grandmother was a child, but she first drank it. And then I hid from the bombs in the cellar, l.

Marika belongs to a group of Tatras, who have a charity event in one of the closed clubs in the metropolis on several Saturdays.

Let me pay as much as I can afford. Prior to tattooing, proof of delivery must be provided. If you are on the internet, do not accept cash there. It was impossible to work on the invasion arrest, there were no clients. But then the people started asking for a tattoo, so we organized this event, the paper said The Guardian tyiaticetilet tatr Alexander.

We gathered the world and every weekend the event happens more and more, adds. The group has selected more than one hundred thousand hryvnia (80 thousand crowns) and continues to continue as long as there is demand and so enough material for the tattoo.

Javelin, Bayraktar and traditional bread

Fedor, a 30-year-old IT manager, is one of the people who wants to remember the heroism of the Ukrainian people in the fight against the occupiers.

I wanted to have a patriotic tattoo to remind me of this emotion. But I didn’t want anything aggressive towards Fedor, I just had the word paljanice, the name of a traditional Ukrainian bread, tattooed on my head. Or Rusm long his proverb after that, the word became the subject of ert, that it is an unofficial national motto for the capture of Russian pions.

Among Ukrainians, according to Twitter, there is UkraineWorld, just informs about the day in Ukraine, also a popular tattoo stamp issued in honor of the armor of Hadho Island, who sent the crew of a Russian member of the ship to patina cities.

ada lid si d tak symbols svch mst. The two who recently escaped from Kherson wanted a slice of watermelon, which the city knows. The Kievan often wants a katana leaf, which is a symbol of the metropolis, Marika said.

He then gave an explicit visual struggle and how much the Russians had turned their lives upside down. The artists tattooed her with several American Javelin anti-tank missiles and a Turkish Bayraktar drone.

One wanted him to tattoo the anti-tank NLAW bullet he used in combat. He wanted an inscription, NLAW in Love at Heart, Alexander described. At the time of the invasion, I made a tattoo for the entire unit. Twelve wanted him the same tattoo: the coat of arms of the trident and the name of the battalion above him, he added.

Maria’s husband Oskar, who opted for the AK-47 submachine gun, from which sunflowers grow, is a Ukrainian national flower.

It is a tribute to the old Ukrainians who the inhabitants at the time of the invasion of the Natoili invasion, how to divide the Russian occupation of sunflower seeds. Put them in your pockets. And kill in battle, at least in the sun grow sunflowers, she said. I find it a good representation of the Ukrainian spirit, said Oskar.