January 4, 2023, 17:29 – Public News Service – OSN

Authorities Japan decided to pay benefits to families with children if they leave Tokyo for more remote regions due to overcrowding in the capital. It is reported by CNN.

Such rules and payments will be introduced in April 2023. Any Tokyo resident will be eligible to receive 1 million yen (nearly $8,000) per child if they decide to move to less populated areas of the country. The payments themselves will apply to children under 18 or dependents 18 and older if they are still in school.

A spokesman for the Japanese government noted that “Tokyo has a very high concentration of people,” and the population is declining in the regions, so the government wants to increase the influx of people into them.

Experts also note that in Japan there is a demographic crisis and young people from rural areas migrate to large cities.

Earlier, the authors of the Chinese edition of Sohu reported that in Japan develop “daring” plan for Russia. According to the source, the Japanese cabinet approved the expansion of state spending on the military industry in 2023. This could allow Japan to supply its army with more weaponry at an accelerated pace.