Residents of three villages ask the administration of Ryazan to overhaul 2.8 km of roads

Elena Sorokina met with residents of the villages of Kachevskiye dvoriki, Kachevo and Mordasovo.

At the meeting, they talked about the overhaul of the 2.8-kilometer road. Citizens have repeatedly raised this topic in social networks. Residents wrote to the pages of Acting Governor Pavel Malkov and to the Regional Management Center.

“We understand that this is a cry from the heart for the residents, this is a vital necessity – the central artery connecting the villages with the city,” Sorokina said at the meeting.

According to Alexei Naumov, deputy head of the beautification department, the road repair project is ready. The cost of the work is 80 million rubles. The project is expensive, the administration will submit an application to the regional Ministry of Transport. They will do it at the beginning of August. Assistance and support to the residents was promised by the head of the administration Elena Sorokina and the deputy of the regional Duma Andrey Glazunov.

“Together with the deputies, we are working closely on the issue. We use all the possibilities!” Sorokina commented.

It is necessary to overhaul 2857 meters of roads. It is planned to expand the roadway to six meters in the section from Kachevskaya Street to the village of Kachevo. There will also be pavement and street lighting.

On the territory of the villages of Kachevo and Mordasovo, the width of the road will be 3.5 meters due to dense residential development and private households. Artificial bumps will be made on the road to ensure a safe speed limit.

City transport will be allowed to the beginning of the village of Kachevo. The residents also asked to think over the school route for 28 children of the village who study at school No. 49 (15 Predzavodskaya Street).