Residents of the municipality “Rybatskoye” stood in long queues for free tickets to the children’s Christmas tree. Many of them had to wait more than four hours. About it the locals report in the VKontakte group “Rybatskoe is our area!”.

Details. On December 1, the administration of the municipality “Rybatskoe” published news that residents of the district can get free tickets to the children’s performance “The Great New Year’s Journey Through Russia”. Tickets are issued only two days a week from 16:00 to 20:00.

But not all Petersburgers have enough time allotted. They are write in social networks that come in advance before the start of ticket issuance, but everyone stands in line for several hours and does not always have time to get tickets.

“Today I wanted to go and get free tickets to a children’s tree for my son. But he was just shocked! Apparently, there is not enough for everyone, ”- told a resident of Rybatsky in the district group “VKontakte”.

More. In the comments under the entry, Petersburgers write that after 20:00 the administration refuses to accept everyone who did not have time to get a ticket, although they stood in line.

Residents ask to send more employees to the administration and believe that officials are to blame for the fact that not everyone has time to go through their turn.

In the comments, Petersburgers are arguing whether the administration staff should specifically stay after working hours and issue tickets to all the remaining people.

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