Residents of a partially collapsed house in Astrakhan complained about repairs

Five-story house in Astrakhan, part of which collapsed on the evening of Thursday, November 16, was in line for major repairs. This became known Telegram-Mash channel.

According to the source, residents of the house regularly complained to the management company “Center for Public Servicing” about the repair of the house, reporting pipe breaks, as well as low pressure in them. In addition, they did not pay utilities. As a result, the organization had a debt of more than 3.2 million rubles to city suppliers of water, heat and electricity. They tried to recover the specified amount from the management company through the court.

According to the head of the management company, Sergei Khakhalev, residents did not contact the organization with information about the cracks until this evening. He also denied information that a battery breakdown was a possible cause of the collapse. “Yes, right away, a crack appeared – what a battery, nothing was leaking. They did a major overhaul, façade, roof and electrical… It’s on the overhaul list. The utility networks didn’t manage to do anything, not even the foundation…” he claims.

The partial collapse of a five-story building on Privokzalnaya Square became known on the evening of November 16. According to one version, the foundation of a house in Astrakhan could have been washed away sewer water. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of the emergency collapsed two entrances.

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