Residents of a destroyed house in Astrakhan have been complaining about basement flooding for many years

It became known that the residents of the house in Astrakhan, which was partially demolished on November 16, has had complaints about basement flooding for several years. Relevant information appeared in Telegram- channel “Infoshtab Astrakhan”.

According to the source, there was constant water in the basement of the house located at Vokzalnaya Square, 1 “A”. Residents have repeatedly expressed complaints to the authorities on this topic, but their appeals have not helped solve the problem. Thus, in one of the documents published by the Telegram channel, the head of the Astrakhan Department of Public Utilities named Kalinkin responded to the residents of the problematic building that a blockage in the building’s external sewage system and backwater of the wells cannot be the reason for wastewater entering the basement “if the equipment of the internal sewerage networks is in good working order.”

In addition, he wrote that basement walls should be sealed and insulated to prevent unacceptable runoff from entering through the foundation. In conclusion, Kalinkin promised citizens to replace the sewer section “after a commission inspection of the pipeline and when drawing up a report on its unsuitable condition.”

The partial collapse of a five-story building on Station Square became known on the evening of November 16. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of the emergency collapsed two entrances, one woman could not be saved.

Baza edition toldthat part of a five-story building in Astrakhan could collapse due to illegal redevelopment. In turn, the head Ministry of Construction Faizullin statedthat the tragedy is associated with oversight of the authorities.

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