On July 30, at 2:33 pm, PSC No. 34 received a message from the duty officer of the EDDS of the Putyatinsky district that a residential building was on fire in the village of Putyatino on Kalinina Street.

The fire brigade of the State Fire Service No. 34 of the village of Putyatino left to extinguish. The houses on the street are located close to each other, so there was a threat of the spread of fire. Firefighters requested additional funds and forces. A tank truck of the private fire department of the Putyatinsky LPUMG and a combat crew of a separate post No. 24 of the State Fire Service for the protection of the village of Pesochnya arrived at the fire site.

In total, three fire brigades and all operational services of the area extinguished the flames.

At 16.12 open fire was extinguished. Firefighters were able to keep the fire from reaching neighboring houses. Until 22.00, the pouring of the structure and the removal of debris continued.

There are no dead or injured. The cause of the fire is being established.


Igor Koryakin, Head of PSC No. 34:

“The work of the fire brigade was complicated by the fact that the location of the fire hydrants had no markings. After the installation of a fire truck at the hydrant, one of them turned out to be inoperative.”