You should buy pyrotechnics only in specialized outlets.


Despite the fact that sparklers are relatively safe pyrotechnics, they must be used carefully to prevent unfortunate consequences. This was recalled by specialists of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow.

Rescuers also reminded that it is necessary to buy sparklers, as well as other pyrotechnics, only in specialized stores. During the ignition and burning of the candle, it should be held by the metal part, on which the pyrotechnic composition is not applied. To prevent sparks from falling on your hands, the candle must be tilted at a slight angle. And you need to set fire to the far end of the Bengal candle.

It is important to remember that burning sparklers have no place in an apartment or house. Rescuers advise lighting them only on the street. The pyrotechnic composition of these products includes aggressive oxidizing agents, and when used indoors, dangerous substances are released, the Moscow Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said in a statement.

If there are chips on the Bengal candle, pronounced irregularities, the composition is applied unevenly or falls off the metal base in places, it is better not to use such a candle – it may have expired. When burning, falling off pieces of the pyrotechnic composition can get on clothes or shoes.

You can judge the quality of a Bengal candle by the color of the pyrotechnic composition. It should be black, gray or silver, depending on the components used in the manufacture. Children should not be allowed to use Bengal candles without adult supervision, as well as set fire to pyrotechnics while intoxicated. Dispose of used Bengal candles in a container with water.

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