The entire multinational country is taking part in a special military operation, the population of which has rallied to protect the inhabitants of Donbass and all of Russia. This was stated by representatives of the diasporas in Rostov, with whom the correspondent of the Southern News Service spoke.

President of the national-cultural autonomy of the Ingush in Rostov-on-Don “Unity” Zelimkhan Gereev noted that once we were one Soviet people.

  • We were united by a common cultural code – the Russian language, it was spoken and communicated by Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Ingush and all other peoples. When the Soviet Union collapsed, our Western neighbors began to make efforts to hinder the development of Russia. The West has always had such an attitude towards Russia.

The strong influence of the West in Ukraine leads to the fact that the legitimate government is overthrown, the power is established, to which the West dictates its terms. As a result, we see the infringement of the Russian language, the infringement of its speakers and the rejection of all Russian. Since 2014, the leaders of our state have tried in every possible way to level the existing set of problems, protecting the interests of the population of Donetsk and Luhansk territories. Crimea, thank God, was annexed by popular vote. But when, in February of this year, the army of Ukraine stands on the border of our state, threatening the security interests of our country, the head of state, Vladimir Putin, makes the absolutely right decision to neutralize the threat that hangs over our country.

The processes of denationalization and demilitarization are proceeding successfully. And representatives of the Ingush people are fighting on the territory of Ukraine. And they will fight. A huge number of volunteers stood up to defend their country, like many peoples of the Caucasus – both Chechens and Dagestanis, Gereev noted.

Tegran Pekhlivan, deputy head of the Peoples of Dagestan cultural and leisure center, said that he did not know a single citizen of the Russian Federation who would not be deeply touched by the great holiday – Victory Day over the Nazi invaders.

  • All the peoples of the Soviet Union, having rallied together, shoulder to shoulder, eradicated evil and returned to us, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a peaceful sky above our heads. 77 years later, nothing has changed since that memorable great day. Today, our guys have once again stood shoulder to shoulder and are defending their Fatherland. The process of denationalization and demilitarization is underway on the territory of Ukraine. A huge number of representatives of the Dagestan people, like many other peoples of the Caucasus, take part in the special operation. Only the fraternal cooperation of the peoples of our multinational Russian Federation is a guarantee of security and peace. We must make every effort to prevent a recurrence of this terrible tragedy in the future. The fighting that unfolded in Ukraine, which is fraternal to all of us, once again proves that the enemy does not sleep, Nazism is not uprooted from the consciousness of the once allies, but has received a second wind. Dagestanis, as in the distant 1941, shoulder to shoulder with their fraternal peoples stood up for the defense of universal human values. Our people, our country will definitely do everything to ensure that Nazism can never again raise its head, not only here in Russia, but nowhere else in the world,” Pekhlivan said.

The head of the Rostov public organization “Azerbaijani Community” Vagif Mustafayev noted that today we remain brothers with the Ukrainian people.

  • Russia is not at war with Ukraine. Russia, as in the distant 40s of the last century, rose to fight against fascism. The Russian people, led by President Vladimir Putin, are once again saving the world from Nazism. As during the war, Russians, Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis and other peoples of the Soviet Union fought side by side for a future without this brown infection, so today we, as brothers, stood up against the Nazis.

How many Donetsk and Luhansk residents could be destroyed? We saw it all, we all knew it. And it is very right that our President decided to end this. And we all supported him, many Azerbaijanis are now fighting in the ranks of Russian troops. But then again, we are not fighting against Ukraine, but against the nationalist ideas that have penetrated Ukrainian society. We have never fought with the Ukrainians, we could always come to an agreement, but not with the Nazis,” he said.

Source news agency “Don 24”, photo VK Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation