Last season in his company was behind an old baker. All the more so now, the football representative Alex Krl (24) is trying to work hard to (probably in the new darkness) to learn about better performances. He recently married his wife Markta, and now they traveled together on their honeymoon. You will fall in love with a luxury holiday paradise that years ago the moderator Leo Mare (46) fell in love with.

Soccer ball Alex Krlwho visited West Ham United in London last season, is not only a lover of luxury cars, but also a lot of other people.

He shook his hand, Markta, with whom he runs at the middle wheel, last year in Dubai. Pohdka’s wedding took place again in a romantic hotel in Senohraby.

He has now taken steps in football balls, where Krlova will lead. Take care of the perfect honeymoon.

The curly fighter, who has to worry about the Bundesliga teams even after a bad season in England, went with his gorgeous wife Markta to the island of Bora-Bora.

Markta Krlov

From the luxurious holiday paradise that many years ago the famous moderator Leo Mare liked, now both share one photo after another on the social walls.

Is this place real at all? Krlova’s wife wonders, who would easily take her blue from the sky.

I wish I could fulfill your life in the dark, because that’s what they deserve. I am grateful for what we have, I have been and will be ready to support wherever it goes. And all your dreams come true, wrote pvabn Markta ped asem on Instagram.

Markta Krlov

No wonder Krlova’s love on Bora Bora is as in the seventh heaven. A pound of seafood, delicious drinks throughout the day and a ride on the pier are really something that many can only …