The last two seasons have been marked by anti-anti-crime measures, so conservationists are hoping to look at the current one.

“We are glad that domestic and foreign visitors are returning. In the last two years, organized groups have practically stopped running, but we have seen a change since the spring, “said Petr Spejchal, director of the territorial monument administration in Prague.

“For example, there is more interest in booking online,” Spejchal said. According to him, people got used to these services during the anti-coronavirus measures.

Attendance at the monuments has been around 65 percent since the beginning of this season compared to 2019. At the castle in Valča, it is 92 percent.

Unique castle lighting

It is in Valča that construction work is in full swing. The theatron, which previously served as an amphitheater, is being restored. The work is due to end this autumn. The restoration of the historic greenhouse has also begun.

A visible novelty from a distance is the lighting of the chateau building. In order for the outdoor lighting of the building not to disturb the natural environment of animals such as bats, conservationists chose a method that no one in the country has used so far, according to Spejchal.

“Some rooms are lit by LED bulbs. The castle is still visible from a distance after dark, in addition, the lit windows create the illusion of a inhabited castle as it may have looked in the past, “said the castellan Tomáš Petr. The castle is open on Fridays and Saturdays until 11 pm, when lantern tours take place. The interior lighting of the castle is in rooms where tours with a lantern do not lead.

The conservationists also have big plans for the future. A lookout tower with a view of the Baroque landscape is to be built in the north-eastern tower, a new visitor center in the smithy on the floor above the lapidary is planned, and a car park for 60 cars and two buses is to be built in cooperation with the municipality.

New lookout tower

The castle and chateau in Bečov boasts a lookout tower with a unique walking bridge until the new season. Here, visitors are offered the opportunity to personally measure the strength of the wind using the Beaufort scale.

The owners of e-bikes in Bečov can recharge their electricity and the climbers will find a cleaned and inspected climbing wall.

Due to the re-installation of Dolní zámek, where a new exhibition with a restored Duchess’s bedroom or a restored magnificent dining room is being created, this route will not be accessible this year. On the weekend of May 20-22, Bečov will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the restored reliquary of St. Maura.

Pistol combined with an ax

At Kynžvart Castle, visitors will find a screenbox where they can find out the beginnings of individual tours and the number of vacancies. A vending machine will be located in the car park within a month, where they will be able to pay for parking by card.

Many changes await them in the exhibitions themselves. The gilded table thinner Thomire returned from Konopiště and exhibits from the depository were added to the expositions. “For example, maces, dusters or an interesting pistol combined with an ax will be on display in the armory,” Ondřej Cink, a castellan, described the new exhibits.

However, the castle is preparing the biggest attraction for next year, when the exposition of the UNESCO monument – Kynžvart daguerreotype – is to be completed. The visitor circuit will have almost 700 square meters and in addition to this world unique, other treasures from art, book and museum collections will be presented here.

Many of these unique items are currently undergoing extensive restoration work. This year, there will be a number of cultural events, including a performance of the Canterville Ghost in July.