The Minister for Urban Development Ivan Barto wants to solve the current crisis with housing by building new flats to get empty flats in the Czech Republic and to motivate owners not to use flats and houses for rent.

We have to go the way of offering alternative forms of housing, and general, subtle or cumbersome. It does not make sense to build apartments, which then go as an investment or are in the mode of sale for citizens unavailable, said in an interview for List First Business.

According to the agency PAQ Research, there are between 45 and 90,000 vacant flats in the whole country. There are a lot of people who inherited this type of apartment and in the conditions of high energy and administration, it is a problem for them to rent it. Those flats are spc, they are not classic investin flats, Barto described.

The village real estate? Well, I guess not, the union is responding

Barto proposes to simplify the rental process for the owners, so that the city would take care of it. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs cooperates with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on the draft budget at the Ministry of Urban Development. This is a pilot test in Prague.

You live in the village, she pays as a gentleman, and she takes care of the apartment, you don’t have to worry about it, the minister described. The apartment will then be part of the housing stock of the municipality. The Ministry of Regional Development is cooperating with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on a draft budget.

What about this case to the Union of Towns and Municipalities, which is known, the editors of revealed to the presidency only, addressed a bag about nm nev.

I have no information about this proposal or the knowledge that it is in communication with the association. Mayors are open to any kind of cooperation on meaningful things, but I don’t know if we are able to replace a real estate company, replied the chairman of the union, FrantiĊĦek Lukl. Tm toton was then sent by the union chairman of the union, Vlastimil Picek.

Earlier this week, due to the refugee crisis, the ministry announced a program for repairs and construction of housing for refugees from Ukraine. Nice flats are coming and well, for example, the offer of flats for rent is the least in Prague in the last eight years.

Self-employed can give a contribution of 120 thousand per person and a renovated apartment or 40 thousand per city in a hostel. In total, the resort set aside a billion crowns. According to Bartoe, the volume is large. There are hundreds of enough. The minister said for the first billion allocations to be renovated and 1,500 housing units.