The controversy that the issue has generated ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ of the Colombian singer Shakira in collaboration with the Argentine producer bizarre and where the artist openly attacks her ex-partner and new girlfriend, she is out of control on social networks. But now, it is presumed that the automotive company Renault, which Shakira used to derogatorily refer to Clara Chia Marti, current girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, I could sue her for image damage.

The hard darts that Shakira has thrown in her musical session with Bizarrap could bring her new legal problems. And it is that Renault would be initiating a lawsuit against the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, since in the song the Colombian star used the automotive company in a derogatory and denigrating way to attack Clara Chia Martí and mock Piqué.

«You left a Ferrari to get on a Twingo». That was the sentence where Shakira minimized the famous Renault model, which is quite modest but popular, referring to Clara Chia, while she is the Ferrari, luxurious and very expensive.

That is why the German company could start a lawsuit against the artist, since this comparison is clearly damaging the image of the automaker, and could affect the company’s sales and performance in the market.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?