The famous Colombian singer, Shakira, is one of the most famous around the world, not only for her singing voice, but also for her dancing talent. Despite this, she is currently trending due to her controversial separation from former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Since the announcement of their separation, the two celebrities have been at the center of international news and all this increased when Shakira decided to launch his most recent worldwide success with the Argentinian Bizarrap, where he took the opportunity to throw a lot of hints at, gerard Piqueto his new girlfriend, clear chiawho is held responsible for the separation, and her former mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeu.

Images of the birthday of Shakira this past February 2, where I celebrate his 46th birthday, but this same day is also the birthday of gerard Pique, who turned 36 years old. The celebrations of the Colombian have not stopped since her musical success, an achievement that has made her very happy, apart from that, on her special day she has received all kinds of gifts, even from her followers, who brought her mariachis. But there was something that caught the attention of the media and fans who were there.

Thanks to the entertainment program «the hot table” of Telemundothe unexpected surprise was at night when the Surf coach attended Shakira’s house to join the celebration and not leave out this important date for the famous singer.

The coach’s visit has generated a lot of speculation, where many are in doubt as to whether there is some kind of love relationship between the two, since in 2022, the two were captured by the program’s cameras “The fat and the skinny«. The photographs from that time revealed the happy moment they were having together while they had surf lessons, but as a result of these photos a rumor began to circulate on social networks of a possible romance and it is believed that this visit could confirm it.