South Korean singer Irene, Kpop girl group leader Red Velvet, She is known to be one of the most beautiful faces in South Korea, but her singing and dancing skills are also very outstanding.

For his part, Jennie, leader of one of the most successful Kpop groups in the world, BLACKPINK, She is known for her way of rapping and the way she dresses.

Both artists are world famous, but few know how much they love and admire each other.

Recently, the singer red velvet revealed that he likes BLACKPINK, but he explained that his favorite member is the rapper Jennie, everything happened at an event held for their fans, where a REVELUV asked who was his favorite girl in the group and irene He did not think twice.

Later, she was asked who her favorite girl in the girl group was. aspa, since they are from the same company, SM Entertainmentand she said that they are all too cute to choose just one, because she once said that she saw all of them as her little sisters.

Although they haven’t seen each other much in recent months due to their busy lives, the truth is that irene and Jennie have a good relationship and often go out to eat or go shopping together, in fact, this is not the first time they have been mentioned, since the leader of red velvet revealed that he met the rapper at a hair salon years ago.

the leader of red velvet He was on a radio program where he revealed how he met Jennie.

We went to the same hairdresser, she approached me first and from there we bonded, to the point of going to eat together.