On social media, a picture of a map of Europe with winter temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, which was colored green. Next to them, they placed a map colored red showing the temperature.

The problem should have been that someone added a five-year-old date to the picture of the green map, so that they could then claim that they were informed about the hot summer with a lot of shame, but this is not the case now. Only selected maps showing the difference in data.

The green map is topographic and its primary purpose is to show the locality. The red map, on the other hand, is thermal and shows the temperature of a given area.

If the car makers had written a real heat map from 2017, the car from that year would have been in stock with the same red as the one in the year.

On the basis of this comparison, disinformers claim that the climate crisis does not exist and is artificially created by the media, which is so afraid of manipulating data.

As they pointed out Manipultoi.cz, map on eskm internet so Petr tpnek. Dear Facebook, go stuff yourself with all your independent supporters! wrote tpnek in the comments as a response to the fact that Facebook warns that the context of the picture is wrong and that it should be a le.

Maps in various versions

Social media users are of various nationalities. In 1986, we qualified for it. Today they are going to show you a red map and brainwash you, he wrote to him, who shared the Indian version of the bike. There is a difference of 36 years. And that is, according to old meteorologists, because the map with the green line is nowhere near that old. It is from 2016.

The agency analyzed the matter in detail several times Reuters and organization for ovovn fact Lead Stories, who explained and debunked the hoaxes.

Not to mention the fact that graphic news on television and on the Internet has evolved over the past tens of years. There used to be only topographic or political maps. And later it was drunk with other variants, their aim was and still is to attract and keep the attention of the girls.

The climate crisis is a topical issue due to the extremely high temperatures that have scorched the whole of Europe in recent weeks. In England, for the first time in history, the thermometer reached 40 degrees Celsius. South of Europe suuj pory. Temperature records were set in the Czech Republic, where the temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius several times.