Don volunteers handed out 3,250 badges as part of the Red Carnation charity event, the government of the Rostov region reports.

The Red Carnation is a national symbol of the memory of fallen heroes and gratitude to all living veterans who fought for our Motherland. The action started across the country on April 27 and will last until June 22. For a donation, each citizen can receive a Red Carnation badge from volunteers or purchase it in stores and attach it to their clothes as a token of memory of the victorious heroes. All funds raised as part of the action are directed to the provision of targeted medical assistance to war veterans.

On the Don, the action “Red Carnation” is carried out by the regional branch “Volunteers of Victory” together with the committee on youth policy and the Rostovpatriotcenter.

  • It is important to remember the great feat of the heroes of the war. These are the people thanks to whom we live in a strong and independent country. Help and support is a tribute to our heroes, – said Alexander Nikitochkin, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy of the Rostov Region.

Earlier we said that on the Theater Square in Rostov there was a military parade.