Pop, treacherous label where they are, are we talking about Britney or fucking Lennon? Better let’s do it with sentiment, with chorus and verses, with lethargic bridges and why not? Let’s talk about electricity. Lafitte It arises from the head of Ángel Lafita, a habitual suspect on the scene, and leaves the right mark with Technicolor, eight pop songs with all that that implies. From the hand of Pachi García “Alis” (if they don’t know who he is by now, they should be wandering in the paroxysm of purgatory.

On this side of the city the race begins with the foot of a rhinoceros, knocking down trees and leaving the musical groove necessary to recognize the style. Aromas of Abraham Boba and Cebrián de mi vida. The songs come down from the heaven of ideas and take the correct form in arrangements and presences, such as the spatial and electric Technicolor, a cut that gives the album the theme and that, possibly, brings together all the intentions that Lafita wants to capture. A raging modern sound that respects all the canons of the genre and brings joy to the older brother, it sounds like Red Kross and Gigolo Aunts, because you can sweat anywhere that gives you privacy.

The fast-paced bass of Before It’s Too Late played with the steady-hand guitar and the concrete keyboard, there’s no room for defeat. The equator is marked Disorderly, a frenetic and British theme, where the esdrújulo mixes with the Gothic and Robert Smith goes out to dance because he does it phenomenal because Jarvis Cocker is the parents. En el Espacio and Decidido continue with the nineties sound that Lafitte proposes, this time with the pulse dragged to black and the need to lower the volume to seduce the listener who, by now, is already on the canvas by technical KO.

Blue Angel darkens and radicalizes the listening without fright for the staff, hitting the table and distortion based on meandering riffs. A nod to the eighties, in this case to Pistons, Technicolor dismisses in acoustic mode. The version of What you want to hear sounds delicious but above all it does it in a sincere way, without betraying Ángel Lafita’s objective, showing all his cards knowing that he has a straight flush and has left us naked. It only remains to pray to Saint Bowie to be able to see Lafitte’s thesis defense live, that and hell, until the law allows us.

Stabilito, D.
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