“I’m grateful,” he repeated when he arrived among the press after the match. Moreover, as a celebrant who was just twenty-nine on the day of the match. So: dream birthday?

“But don’t be silly! Maybe one goal, even two would be over, but four ?! ”as if he didn’t want to believe.

In addition, when the spokesman reminded him that he had broken the club record in the number of goals during one first league season, he immediately said: “Don’t!”

David Puškáč (middle) from Bohemians scores his fourth goal in the match against ...
Bohemians footballers celebrate scoring a goal against Karviná.

Viktor Dvirnik and Karel Jarolím scored ten goals in a green and white jersey in 1994/95, and until Saturday none of the successors from Ďolíček overcame them. Puškáč is also thanks to a strong finish at eleven.

“A beautiful birthday present,” nodded the footballer, who hid the ball in memory after the third goal. “Fourth, I was so shocked I didn’t even think of it,” he laughed.

But not everything was so happy for the Bohemians on Saturday night.

Even before the match in Vršovice, they sensed trouble, so it was no surprise that, despite a smooth victory, they were being sent to the barracks. They did not record the results from other stadiums.

“It simply came to my notice then. Even before the match, I internally counted on it, “said coach Jaroslav Veselý. By the way, the Bohemians encounter Opava in the barrage, which is the team from which the Saturday hero Puškáč arrived in Prague three years ago.

“I had a wonderful time in Opava and I still support it, although now, of course, it will be different. We have to win, to show that we belong to the league, “said Puškáč, who started only in the basic line-up from the end of March.

“We all know he’s a premium striker. But it always depends if he is healthy or not, “coach Coach Veselý remarked. And Puškáč continued: “Now I train everything again, but at the end of the season one can’t catch up physically. Everything needs to be fine-tuned so that it is available for as many minutes as possible and in the best possible form. “

Ideally, as on Saturday, when it bloomed.

“It simply came to my notice then. It’s a paradox to say that the match didn’t suit me at all. I was upset, “he convinced, even though it looked completely different on the lawn.

First league play

May 19 and 22

Opava – Bohemians
Teplice – Vlasim

Opava and Teplice start at home.

He scored the first and third goals with his left hand, the second with his head and the fourth with his right foot up close. Always from the first touch and also due to the mistakes of the opponent’s defenders, which was especially unpleasant for the visiting coach Bohumil Páník: “I will not do anything with what the players have in their heads. But I’m sorry about such a performance. All goals go behind the stoppers, but we can’t change them. He’s not for whom. If some approach football this way, they will never be good players. “

“But I wouldn’t humiliate this win,” Puškáč responded. “It simply came to our notice then. And if Karviná is in any situation? That’s her problem. Four zeros speak for themselves. “

But now the Bohemians would need to show something similar in the barrage.