Russian agricultural exports have good prospects; this agricultural year, one of the record harvests is predicted – about 130 million tons. With such a harvest, we can talk about exports of about 37 million tons. Victoria Abramchenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, spoke about this in an interview with RBC Holding.

  • Measures to protect the domestic food market that were taken during the pandemic, such as quotas and a floating duty on grain exports, a ban on the export of certain agricultural products from Russia, led to our flour exports quadrupling. That is, not raw materials, but products of deep grain processing,” Abramchenko said.

She also noted that Russian manufacturers have begun an experiment to create a “domestic Tetra Pak” to replace imported counterparts. The increase in domestic production takes place in parallel with the testing of Russian paints for application on imported technology. The project from the experiment will move into serial production this year.

Victoria Abramchenko also stressed that many foreign companies do not want to leave Russia.

  • Those who make harsh statements are under great political pressure. These are usually transnational corporations. But this is the choice of the company itself: to maintain production, to make a profit. You can find a way to stay in Russia,” said Victoria Abramchenko.

According to her, the main trading partners that buy Russian food are Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Egypt.

In an interview, Victoria Abramchenko also touched upon the export of grain from Ukraine. This, according to her, no one interferes.

  • Grain can be exported. The risks for the global food market and the threat of hunger for 300 million people from the poorest countries are created, among other things, by sanctions, problems with logistics and payment for products, Abramchenko said.

Alexander Nechushkin, head of the commission on economics of the Public Chamber of the Rostov Region, notes that the issue of food security is under constant control of both federal and regional authorities.

  • Last year, the Don grain growers broke a historical record. The harvest of early grains in the Rostov region amounted to more than twelve and a half million tons, – says the specialist. “Given the strong support of the agricultural sector by the authorities, we can hope for fairly high rates this year as well.

It should be noted that agrarians of the region significantly increased the sowing area due to favorable weather conditions in May. The fact that this year’s grain harvest could be the largest in the history of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said earlier. According to him, it can reach 130 million tons, including 87 million tons of wheat.