December 18, 2022, 04:39 – Public News Service – OSN

Readers overlooking the territory Poland To the newspaper Dziennik, residents shared their reaction to the words of the Supreme Commandant of the Polish Police Yaroslav Shimchik regarding the incident with the explosion of the Ukrainian gift that took place in his office.

During a conversation with the local radio station RMF, he made a statement that he accidentally fired a grenade launcher. Shimchik explained his actions by the fact that he believed that the transferred Kyiv Germany grenade launcher type RGW-90 has already been used. The fact that the weapon does not contain a combat charge, he was convinced by the Ukrainian side.

A user under the nickname Twój_nick_ shared his indignation at the fact that Poland, like a number of other countries, pays for the supply of weapons to Kyiv, and he sends them out as gifts and sells them.

The user lolandi suggested that the Ukrainians again tried to “boast” by noting Zelensky’s outstanding mental abilities.

“Why don’t people holding positions at this level give gifts to the relevant services to check for cameras and wiretapping, which these“ gifts ”may contain? Secondly, do civilized people give such things as gifts?” Tolo commented on the state of affairs.

As the Public News Service previously reported, the import of a grenade launcher that exploded in the personal office of the head of the commandant’s office of the Polish police Yaroslav Shimchikwas carried out without even minimal control oversight.

A widespread publication says that weapons were imported into the territory of the state with the help of a specialized train flying between Ukrainian settlements and Przemysl located in Poland.

Recall that readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail commented on the story of the explosion of the “gift” received by the commandant Polish police during a visit to Ukraine.

According to the press, the commandant received a gift from the head of one of the Ukrainian special services. As a result of the explosion, he received minor injuries and was sent under the supervision of doctors.