This is what I should look like

Tana Kuchaov arrived with a fresh wall mikdem. She put on a red coat of arms of the characters Poner, who sat the model’s figures like shells. She also chose tnymake-up, nails and shoes, which she matched in a nude shade.

This is exactly Tnina’s color, the model brought her play under the control of the first class so that the observer’s attention would not go anywhere else. This is the one with the star.


Where are you?

Agta Hanychov did the exact opposite, from the variety of crayfish on the body, murderous paints, black lacquers and murderous snowshoes, just a sight and the hunter did not know what to focus on. The length of Sandra Mark’s hair is otherwise beautiful, the overall styling of the bag could have been easily adjusted, but the black version of the model is not the same as the very flashy checkerboard and style stylus. Here for two.