The model R’Bonney Nola GabrielMiss United States, took the crown in the most important beauty pageant in the world, the event was held this January 14 in its 71st edition. The pageant that brought together millions of people has a new Miss Universe for the year 2023.

After hours of tension from the public that attended from different parts of the world to cheer on the contestants, it was time to announce the 16 participants, including Puerto Rico, Haiti, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Laos, South Africa, Portugal , Canada, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, India, Venezuela, Spain, the United States and Colombia.

And with a forceful talent standing out among the others, the 5 semifinalists were announced, the first of which was Miss Venezuela, followed by the United States, Puerto Rico, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic.

The jury had to choose the 3 finalists who were asked the respective questions, Miss Venezuela answered what was the most embarrassing moment in her life, Miss United States had to comment on what change she would implement in the contest, then Miss Puerto Rico clarified how she would represent the candidates if crowned.

Miss Curaçao gave her speech about something she would discuss with the leader of her country, and lastly, Miss Dominican Republic spoke about the biggest obstacle that women in her country face.

In the final stretch of the contest, the three finalists were chosen, USA, Dominican Republic Y Venezuela.

They asked each of them the question: «If you win Miss Universe, how would you work to show that this is an empowering and progressive organization?«.

Apparently the most convincing answer for the jury was that of Miss United Stateswho was crowned as the new sovereign of world beauty, leaving Miss Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela, in second place, and Miss Dominican Republic as third place.

It is undoubtedly one more achievement for the Americans who already have 9 crowns for their country in their collection.