The new Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabrielhas been rejected in its new work and several countries that were participating in the contest have wanted to abandon future competitions due to accusations of fraud that were apparently committed.

The pageant was held in January, where it was announced that the new Miss Universe would be R’Bonney Nola Gabriel, Miss USAwho was in competition with the first finalist Miss Venezuela; However, the decision of the contest has not been liked by millions of people.

The decision of the jury of the contest, who is now the owner of the businesswoman Anne Jakkaphong, has caused rejection around the world for its auction system and franchises that have been acquired; also because the winner was the one who participated for the country where the election of the contest was made, a fact quite confusing.

For this reason, many countries have preferred to renounce future contests, since they take into account the injustices that have been presented in this edition, for which Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana and belize They have preferred to cancel all kinds of presentation there.

The favoritism of the contest by R’Bonney Gabriel that was noticed by the attendees of the contest, leaves clear evidence of the fraud that was committed, according to various sources for purely economic reasons for the event, but that it was not fair to the participants who were from different countries. made their presentation, and that they were even more favorites than the new winner.

In the same way, new clarifications are expected from Miss Universe in the face of these criticisms, so that in subsequent events the economy does not take precedence over what is truly fair.