December 17, 2022, 16:34 – Public News Service – OSN

Rapper T-killah and his wife Maria Belova threw a baby shower party to celebrate their long-awaited pregnancy. In May 2018, Alexander in the Maldives made a marriage proposal to Mary, and a year later they got married. Mary has always wanted to raise children.

After the wedding, the couple began to receive frequent questions about replenishment. Recently, blogger subscribers have noticed that Maria has recovered a little. The assumptions were confirmed and the couple recently announced that they were expecting their first child, reports

In honor of this, Maria and Alexander arranged a baby shower party for their family members. The event was held in one of the hotels of the capital. The star couple did not reveal the sex of the child, but judging by the blue glasses at the party, it can be assumed that the couple are expecting a boy.

Maria frankly told that she could not get pregnant for a long time. In order to draw attention to the problem of infertility, in July 2020, Maria made a documentary film “When are the kids?” In which she talked to girls who have problems conceiving.

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