Rapist sent to prison for eight years thanks to teddy bear

A man from Great Britain sent to prison for eight years for raping a friend. About it reports Daily Mail.

Badil Mustafaya, 64, was accused of raping a 50-year-old woman in 2019. A British woman asked him to fix a lamp in her London home. Mustafay, who knew the victim, agreed to help, and then abused her.

After his arrest, the man denied guilt, but forensic experts were able to find a trace of his DNA on a teddy bear found at the scene. It turned out that the victim pushed Mustafay away with a toy when he tried to kiss her. In mid-January, the rapist was found guilty of four counts and sentenced to eight years in prison.

The prosecutor thanked the victim for immediately contacting the police, which allowed investigators to quickly collect evidence and interview witnesses.

Previously reportedwhat in USA police caught a rapist who committed the crime 31 years ago. It turned out that it was Xavier Battis, now 62 years old, who attacked the woman on September 24, 1992 in Maryland.

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