It has been speculated about several days on social sites. Many considered it a failed joke. But now Agta Hanychov (37) has confirmed that there is a real date with media magnter and moderator Jaromere Soukup (53). Fans of the former models immediately started making fun on social sites. Who will give? Laird? ask nkte.

She has been married since her divorce from Jakub Pracha Agta Hanychov nespoet partner. She recently looked very happy next to Dr. Andrej Nikov.

In the end, however, she broke up with the Slovak surgeon, and a few days ago, at first glance, Agta was running at first glance with Barrandov fem. Jaromre Soukup.

The model has now confirmed the relationship.Yes, you have the right information, but we will not comment on it, she wrote the newsroom lightning Hanychov.

Agta’s fans immediately started making fun of her on social sites who don’t want her, who was enchanted by 16-year-old Soukup.

You and Soukup? You are not normal pe one of the Agtinch follower.Who will give? Laird? pidv gave a critic of the new pru.

Agta confirmed her relationship with Soukup.

Soukup: 6 years with Bro and a mole romnek with Mtlová

Agta does not respond to criticism from his fan. On the weekend, she only showed light in a sexy bikini on Instagram, for which she only reaped a moment.

There were also people who congratulated the model on their relationship with the media magn. But Tch was like an African.

Jaromr Soukup has a weak and altered weakness. He flew with the actress Kateina Broová, who broke up with her because she could not dream of his influence. The owner of Barrand’s recently went out with his ex-partner Frantik Janek, Tereza Mtlová (46).