A short rain at noon did not stop the residents of the city from heading to the Old Town to attend the “Wine and Gourmet” event and have a wine tasting in Plovdiv.

According to bourgas.ru, a short afternoon rain did not stop the residents of the city from heading to the Old Town to attend the Wine and Gourmets event and hold a wine tasting in Plovdiv. And their patience was rewarded because the sky cleared up.

“Wine and Gourmet”/“Wine and Gourmets” is a continuation of the “Young Wine Parade” festival already held in the City under the Hills.

The event aims to promote Bulgarian wine and cuisine, as well as to develop Bulgarian wine tourism. It is held every year at the beginning of May and gives winemakers from all over Bulgaria the opportunity to present their harvest to the residents of Plovdiv and visitors to the city.

In front of each of the sites there are pavilions where visitors can buy tokens for tasting and get a map with the location of all 16 points.

“It’s a pleasure to host such events,” said Georgy, who visited the Plovdiv Wine Fair last year. According to him, there should be more such events because they help small producers and offer citizens a different experience.

Foreign tourists in the city are also interested in “Wine and Gourmets”. On the streets of Three Hills, many of them can be heard discussing in different languages ​​which facility to enter. Foreigners visit various tents with interest and are happy to have the opportunity to touch the Bulgarian culture.

The tasting will last 2 days, and the Wine and Gourmet program includes dance and music numbers, games and a glass painting competition.

The event takes place on the same day as the 18th European Night of Museums. After the wine tasting, the residents of Plovdiv will be able to visit all the museums and galleries of the city for free.

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