In Starozhilovo, on the bridge across the Istya River, workers from KMK LLC from Ryazan are changing the railing. Approximate turnaround time is two weeks. According to experts, new fiberglass railings will be installed here. They are distinguished by high strength, low weight, resistant to various substances, temperature extremes, corrosion, decay.

Welder Anton Goncharenko:

“We started working at the facility on July 26, in the coming days we will replace the railings on one half of the bridge, and next week we will start on the other. I think we’ll finish everything on time. There are two of us at the facility, and the main part of our team is building a bridge in the village of Gulynki. In total, there are 10 people in our team. Two months ago we cast concrete steps at the base of the pillars on this bridge.”

Road worker Nikolai Tsanskikh:

“We cut off the old railings with a grinder and install new ones – we fasten them to the anchor. Of course, there are some difficulties, but we manage. For example, when dismantling old equipment, small bumps and chips appeared, and everything had to be leveled. Old iron railings are very difficult to remove, and they weigh decently. The new ones, made of fiberglass, are much more convenient to install, and they do not require maintenance. There is no need to paint and polish them once again.