The Queen Sofia, mother of King Felipe VI from Spain, has gone to the USA in the middle of an argument he has had with his son. However, her trip has a very important reason; a tour of several cities in the North American country, which the queen mother will be visiting for a week.

In the present days, Queen Sofía will be in the United States with a state tour on behalf of the Spanish royalty. There, the Queen Letizia, who for years has been speculating about a possible enmity with his mother-in-law, distances himself and prepares for the graduation of the Princess Eleanor, event in which Sofia will not be either.

Felipe VI He has not been having a good relationship with his mother, the presence of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I It caused communication to falter between the two, who had different ideas about the arrival of the former monarch.

Nevertheless, Sofia choose to leave Operetta right now and go traveling outside of Europe. The former Queen of the nation still has a big role within the crown, and it is for this reason that he continues to attend other events in the name of royalty.

Despite the bad relationship she has with her son, the Queen Sofia continue to get all the benefits that the state provides to Operetta, something that perhaps does not please much Letizia, who in recent years managed to separate her husband’s family at a certain point, involved in various rumors of corruption.