The day of Valentine’s Day It is highly anticipated by people to share and have a great time with their partners, and British royalty is no exception, although in this case the queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles She has decided to consider royal tasks for this day, instead of spending it with her husband, the King Charles III.

British media recently reported that the queen may be avoiding spending this day with her husband, as she has decided to attend to several of her royal obligations for the day. self-assigned trades and duties to attend to, avoiding spending the special day with her husband.

And it is that the palace of Buckingham has revealed that the Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles will have to attend the call of several visits to institutions and academies where she will meet with the staff and several students of these. And it could be the perfect excuse to spend the February 14th away from her marital obligations, although to her bad luck, she has recently been affected by symptoms of what could possibly be coronavirus.

He karma He has made his move and he must spend, on the advice of Buckingham Palace, at least 48 hours inside his residence together with the rest of the royal family, to rest the stages that this entails. disease.