The Queen Camilla Parker visited in the company of her husband, King Charles III, in their role as the new monarchs of the United Kingdom, the hillsborough castlein an elegant dress that undoubtedly got all the attention of the attendees from Northern Ireland.

As part of their appearances as the new official monarchs, the king and queen attended a few days ago North Ireland in order to visit the garden located in the castle, with which it was sought to commemorate the coronation using these gardening details, because as it is public knowledge, King Carlos has wanted to have a special focus on caring for the environment in what It’s about his reign.

The monarch attended in an elegant dark blue pinstripe suit and blue tie for the visit, while Queen Camilla Parker was seen wearing an equally elegant dress, accessorized with pearls and an elegant white hat, the eyes were very aware of the new queen of the United KingdomWell, with this outfit she looked more youthful, but at the same time very elegant as she is normally seen.

During this occasion the couple planted a tree on the castle grounds in order to finally commemorate their coronation. Apart from the outfit with which she shone, the queen was also seen wearing an elegant aquamarine green dress with which they officially broke the blue ribbon that sealed the door to the castle garden.

The two monarchs were received with applause from the attendees who were on the outskirts and who were waiting for the greeting of the King Charles III and Camilla Parker, who interacted with everyone in a warm greeting.