The King Charles III positioned himself a few months ago as the Monarch of the British royal family, in the company of his wife, Camilla Parker, who is currently the Queen Consort of the family.

However, it was revealed that there have been problems between the royal couple, which have reached the point of a separation, this because Camilla went through a moment of great tension between her with the Prince William, Kate Middleton and with Meghan Markle, since she felt that her husband, the King Charles III I don’t support her at the moment.

For this reason, on her 13th anniversary, Queen Camilla would have asked King Carlos III for a divorce and threatened to reveal a large part of the secrets of the British royal family.

According to “The RadarOnline“A source close to the royal family said the queen consort asked Charles for a fast-track divorce and threatened to expose many of the royal family’s dark secrets.

Feeling little support from her husband, Camilla had no other solution than to seek a divorce, however, the problem did not continue for long, for this reason the couple had time to discuss things well and solve the problems.