Camilla Parkerthe new queen consort of the United Kingdom would be determined to imitate Princess Diana, at the next coronation in May.

The British people still keep in their memories the controversial story about the separation of the King Charles III and the Princess Dianawhen his current wife got in the way of the relationship causing a direct infidelity, and consequently a divorce.

Well now, to 26 years of the death of the mother prince william and the prince harrythe one who was his partner in life will attend his coronation as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, together with the queen consort Camilla Parker.

The truth is that in addition to appropriating her now husband, the queen consort Camilla Parker would also imitate the clothes that Princess Diana normally wore, in order to show her off at her coronation.

Sources close to royalty claim that a Bruce Oldfieldexclusive fashion professional, who was Princess Diana’s favorite designer, to create the look with which the queen will be crowned and pay homage to her husband.

The unique designer of 72 years She created a bond with the Queen Consort Camilla Parker, after the death of her first client, and since then she has been on the lookout for the outfits she should wear, seeking to highlight her confidence as she has requested.

The followers of the british crown are waiting for the next one May 6ththe day on which the dress with which she will attend the ceremony will be announced, and to whom she will pay homage.