The prince harry is not only causing controversy in the British royal family, since the Queen Camilla Parker it also gives something to talk about. the wife of King Charles III is focused on making life miserable for the heir to the throne, Kate Middleton, especially four months before her coronation.

The Queen has been trying to get rid of the wife of the prince william for years, they told “RadarOnline» sources close to the royal family. Tensions between Kate and Camilla came to a head when the royal wife asked the Middletons to enter through the service doors of the Kensington Palace.

Things have not been going well lately, as Camilla Parker begged Kate Middleton to curtsy for her, sources have claimed.

Camila can’t stop gloating and is determined to make Kate’s life a nightmare.

The Queen’s attitude has upset the Prince of Wales, not only because of the abuse towards Kate Middleton and her family, but also because of the proposals that the queen consort has made. Sources close to the royal family say Camilla Parker wants hers children Laura Y Tom be knighted and have other honors in the royal family.

Although William and Kate are opposed to these proposals, they preferred to stay away so as not to increase the tensions that already exist. They were also convinced that it was an impossible possibility to come true, but in the face of these proposals they know that King Carlos III will have the last word.