The queen consort Camilla Parker has reacted surprisingly to the smears of the prince harryher husband’s son, for the explosive statements he has revealed towards her.

The prince harry He has not stopped in his controversies before the British royal family, and apparently in his plans he has not considered doing so.

For this reason the King Charles III recently announced that his son could totally lose his recognition as a royal member, because after the release of “Spare“, the prince has left no stone unturned, managing to put the dignity of his family on the ground.

And while no member has officially responded to the smears, the queen Camila Parkerwhom he referred to as the “villain» of the story, you have an ad for the duke of sussex.

In response to what the prince has said, the queen admitted that it is “amazed by the whole thingor”, since, since several members did not expect that the youngest son of the King Charles III It could negatively affect your own family.

She also added that she will support her husband in the decision to take action against the duke, since he crossed “the red line» basely.

To the prince harry Contrary to being affected by the disorder he has generated, he admits that he is «happy and full“Indicating that he did not seek to generate controversy, but he would not remain silent this time either in the face of the abuses committed against him, his wife and small children.