the queen consort Camila Parker has decided to separate from her husband King Charles IIIand has preferred to spend the festivity of Valentine’s Day away from him.

The love of the couple that began as a result of the infidelity committed towards the deceased Princess Dianahas had to overcome several obstacles by the British people, who to this day have not been able to fully accept the relationship, and continue to launch strong criticism of the two.

Despite the judgments received, the couple has been very close, until recently, when the separation of the couple was known, who celebrated a very special date separately.

The Queen Camilla Parker has decided not to be with her husband on the date of Valentine’s Dayand has chosen to invest her time in something much better, this, in search of enhancing the negative image that the people may still have of her.

Camila Parker will travel to west midlands with the aim of visiting the school Elmhurst Balletto be surrounded by children and young people who will celebrate the centenary of the creation of the school.

On the same trip, the queen will visit important places, where she hopes to integrate with the community and thank them for contributing to the future of the world.

He King Charles III who in a certain way has not been happy about the short separation from his wife, has preferred to encourage him so that the queen continues to carry out works of charity.