In September, the Quantorium school technopark will open in Nizhny Tagil. Creative laboratories equipped with high-tech equipment will be located in the Polytechnic Gymnasium. But anyone who wants to can do it.

Now the premises are being prepared according to Quantorium standards. We have already expanded window openings, replaced engineering networks, brought electricity to equipment. In the technopark, everyone will be able to study, they say in the department of education, and not just high school students. For convenience, a separate entrance is equipped.

“The city is responsible for carrying out repairs and preparing the premises. The equipment will be supplied by the Ministry of Education – this is an energy complex, everything necessary for robotics, computer equipment for engineering modeling, software,” said Tatyana Udintseva, head of the education department of the Nizhny Tagil City Hall.

The school Quantorium is an experiment for the entire Sverdlovsk region, the official added. Basically, these are separate additional education institutions. Now teachers are being trained and retrained on the basis of a network of quantoriums, they will be employed at the Polytechnic Gymnasium.

Quantorium is a modern innovative platform for the intellectual development of children and adolescents. It is part of the federal network of technoparks of the Modern School project. In 2019, Nizhny Tagil won the competition to create Quantorium. The Polytechnic Gymnasium is equipping creative laboratories for technological and natural science profiles – bioquantum and energyquantum. In the first, the guys will master modern methods of studying biological objects, learn to work with modern digital equipment in the field of ecology, physiology, chemistry, biology, and so on. The energyquantum will be equipped with a training kit for workshops “Alternative Energy”, a multifunctional machine for studying additive and subtractive technologies of modern production, models of a hybrid car and much more. Teenagers will also be able to design various devices for extracting alternative energy – sunlight, wind, water and heat from the earth.

In 2024, it is planned to open a space for future programmers on the basis of the GDDYUT. Nizhny Tagil won the competition for the creation of the IT-cube center.