Putyatintsy lit the “Candle of Memory” near the obelisk to the fallen soldiers

In memory of those who defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland at the cost of their lives, on June 21 at 22.00 a mourning meeting was held near the obelisk to the fallen soldiers of the village of Putyatino. It was attended by representatives of the district administration, students of the Putyatinskaya school, members of the Yunarmiya detachment named after Vasily Aleksukhin, volunteers, employees of enterprises, organizations and villagers.

The head of administration opened the rally Valery Ryabkov:

“Dear travellers! Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of our country, the Day of Memory and Sorrow. Exactly 81 years ago, the bloodiest war in the history of mankind began. The Great Patriotic War lasted 1418 days and nights, our Motherland lost 27 million people. On this day, we bow our heads in memory of those who died during the war. Our task is to remember this war and prevent its repetition!”

The Dean of the Putyatinsky District, Father Feodorit, also addressed those gathered at the rally. Ksenia Krasnova, member of the Youth Army detachment of the Putyatin School:

“The war claimed the lives of millions of our fellow citizens. There is not a single family that has not been touched by this disaster. We, grateful descendants, will honor the memory of the defenders of the Fatherland and will not allow the distortion of history.”

The memory of fellow countrymen who gave their lives on the battlefield and died of wounds in the post-war years was honored with a minute of silence. Flowers and candles were brought to the memorial to the dead.