January 4, 2023, 12:09 pm – Public News Service – OSN

American observers commented on the New Year’s greetings of the head Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to The New York Times, the Russian leader is preparing for a protracted struggle.

Analysts of the American edition believe that the Russian side is not going to just give up its positions in the conflict in Ukraine. In their analysis of Putin’s New Year’s address to the Russians, experts are sure that the head of state paid attention to the confrontation between the collective West and Russia for a reason. According to American observers, Russia is being prepared for a protracted confrontation in the conflict on Ukraine.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that military correspondent Alexander Kots spoke about the military standing behind Russian President Vladimir Putin in his New Year’s address. More about it read the material.

It was also reported that Vladimir Putin separately congratulated the entire personnel of the RF Armed Forces happy holidays in New Year’s address. The President noted that all the soldiers of the special operation in Ukraine are heroes for the citizens of the country.