The Witness Day celebrations in the Russian province are not so full of celebration of the end of the wolves. In fact, the invasion of Ukraine is celebrated in Russia today, and the military raids and Putin’s speech are an act of support for troops. The letters Z dominate the whole country, and even the children highlight the symbol adorning the Russian technique used in the wolf.

A video from Russian bowling appeared on social sites. To celebrate the Day of Victory, the locals and their teachers prepared for the first time in traditional Russian uniforms and self-made made machines. Most km uniforms from the worlds of wolves, so are visible ore stars and put symbols referring to the ruins of the Soviet Union.

The procession is led by boys in paper dances, and they are infamous for the decoration of the Russian symbol, ie modern Hkov k, known for the real tanks that the Russians in Ukraine barbarically and cowardly massacre civilians.

For example, autopsies in Bui revealed that there Russians Ukrainians tanks went through just for rid of.

Children of preschool can hardly understand the significance of the symbol, but it nevertheless dominates the celebration of Victory Day throughout Russia.

The Russians celebrate the invasion of Ukraine on the Day of Victory.

In a speech to Rudm nmst, Putin warned Russian propaganda that Nazi Ukraine, under the baton of the Belgian Zpada, was gathering infrastructure and preparing for a hole, it was also necessary to intervene. Deployed troops roared that they fight to consecrate without executioners and Nazis.

Vladimir Putin psob tired.

Experts agree that Putin was tired and tired during his speech. The Kiev representative of the Russian dictator even calls it outdated, sick and frightened.