He stressed that “Russian tsars are not forgiven for lost wars.”

Putin now believes not in the army, but in magicians and astrologers - Arestovich / REUTERS

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin increasingly relying not on his own army, but on shamans, psychics and astrologers. This testifies to his shaky rational politics.

This opinion was expressed during the broadcast with Mark Feygin, Advisor to the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich. He stressed that “Russian tsars are not forgiven for lost wars.”

“The strengthening of the positions of astrologers, black magicians and psychics in protecting Putin testifies to the precariousness of rational politics. Russian tsars are not forgiven for lost wars. The premonition of the end breaks the psyche and needs hope. Since the military cannot give such hope, it has to be sought among shamans, astrologers and occultists. This was the case with both Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin. Only this will not help him, as a predecessor,” Arestovich said.

According to him, Putin hopes for mysticism. However, Arestovich did not rule out that “a Ukrainian hero sits in the headquarters of the Kremlin astrologers, who selects the most inconvenient dates for offensives.”

Arestovich stressed that the increase in the influence of astrologers and magicians in Putin’s protection means growing internal tension in Russia.

“Surovikin’s army did not work, the miracle weapon – Iranian drones – did not work. Now is the stage of astrologers. This is good. It reminds me of the last months in the bunker of his last predecessor (Hitler – UNIAN),” Arestovich said.

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