British Minister Ben Wallace (far left)
| photo: AP

The invasion of Ukraine by Putin and its immediate surroundings mirrored the faism and tyranny of seventy-seven years ago and repeats the mistakes of the totalitarian regime of the last century, the British minister said.

In a speech on the occasion of the Day of Victory, which reminds Russia of the end of the world of wolves, Wallace said, among other things, that the general routine was as guilty of what was happening to Ukraine as their president and should stand trial.

According to him, Putin should realize that he has lost in the long run. Russia said at a time like two, Wallace said to the audience at the National Army Museum in London.

The day of victory here for the Kremlin should not be, only a disgrace and a certain loss to Ukraine. According to Wallace, it is very likely that the Ukrainian army will defeat the Russian army. He added that Putin would be here for a while, and anything would happen to Ukraine.

A representative of the United Kingdom delivered the speech on the same day that a cadon of a military parade for Putin’s personal party crashed into the center of Moscow. This year, it was not followed by foreign countries as it did in previous years.

In his speech, Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine preventive action against the future planned flow to Russia. This was prepared by NATO through the Ukrainians.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, in response to a Moscow defeat, said that Putin continues to distort history. In his speech, Vladimir Putin addressed the false information and distorted history and the present, with which Russian propaganda is trying to justify Russia’s unprovoked aggression towards Ukraine, premieres me.

It does not make sense to oppose each individual who spoke in Moscow, but the speech confirmed the importance of a unified and vigorous procedure of the Crash against the aggressor, he added.