Canada has done it and feels that the rest will reach it two or later. Let’s talk about hundreds of billions of dollars. Russia has to pay, Kuleba said. German Minister of Finance Christian Lindner also supported such a measure in a five-fold interview with Der Spiegel magazine.

Kuleba thus called on the European Union to impose an oil embargo on Russia. The end of the year’s import of Russian oil by the end of the year is part of a package of sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, proposed by the European Commission. According to Kuleba, Russian President Vladimir Putin would celebrate if the proposal fell.

These steps refuse to support Hungary, so things have been negotiated between the member states. We are not interfering in their debate, but it is a critical moment when we see whether EU unity will continue to exist or whether it will be disrupted, Kuleba said.

Ukrainian diplomacy called on the G7 to speed up arms deliveries. Kuleba said during the fighting, when the weapons needed for him are still on the way. union diplomacy Josep Borrell in the morning announced he gave military support to Ukraine worth 500 million euros (12.4 billion crowns).

A senior diplomat from Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United States and the EU gathered for the hundred-year-old meeting in the Weissenhaus resort on the Baltic Sea at the Kadoron meeting, which will last until Saturday. One follows the G7 leaders’ union last weekend of buying or phasing out Russian oil.

Russian troops on Putin’s order on the 24th of November launched Ukraine, thus beginning the largest land conflict in Europe and thus the biggest migrant crisis on the continent’s welfare since the end of the world of wolves. Thousands of lives, including civilians, are estimated to have fought.

Russia is responsible for the hunger in Africa

Putin spoke on the phone with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steelworks, the last Ukrainian bat in the Mariupol capital city near the Azov Sea. The interview lasted 75 minutes.

Vladimir Putin explained in detail the logic and the main rounds of the special military operation in defense of the (separatist) republics of Donbas, he spoke about the measures taken to ensure the security of the civilian population, the TASS agency quoted from the Kremlin.

Russia denies that the ruthless soldiers would attack civilians, and reject as propaganda and staged provocations at first, and there will be many testimonies of crimes. The first uncovering of strata, rushed by Russian troops in the town of Bua near Kiev, led, according to Kiev, to a freak in talks with the Russians.

Russians strengthen border protection, Ukrainians are deptaj nienm pontoon bridge

The Russian president thus provided the office with a principled assessment of the state of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, which essentially blocked Kyiv. According to the communications, he drew attention to the continuing gross violation of the norms of the international humanitarian law and the use of inhuman terrorist methods by Ukrainian fighters professing Nazi ideology.

Putin and a member of the Russian leadership claim that Kyiv will be ruled by a neo-Nazi, despite the fact that the Ukrainians elected the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is of Jewish origin, and the far right, according to the election results, played a very marginal role in Ukrainian politics.

A German government spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit, said Scholz, in an interview with Putin, had denied allegations that Nazism had been born in Ukraine and called on the president to arrive at the pm as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian two party urged the president of both countries for a personal meeting to address the key issues raised by one of them. But the president’s meeting as a temporary rejection of Moscow, according to which it is necessary to first prepare all the documents for the president to sign.

Putin and Scholz also discussed the global food situation, which is extremely tense due to the Russian tons. Russia has blocked the road for the import of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products, such as corn or sunflower oil.

On the import of Ukrainian pennies there is a vertical row of land at the near entrance, an acute shortage of food threat in some African states. The chancellor pointed out that Russia bears a great responsibility for this, he said.