Putin agreed to the sale of former mines to Ukrainian billionaire Akhmetov

President of Russia Vladimir Putin allowed the Russian company “Best Resolution” to buy 100 percent of the shares of the Donskoy Anthracite and Obukhovskaya Mine Management enterprises, which previously belonged to a Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov. The corresponding order on consent to the sale of the former mines of the billionaire published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Currently, the enterprises belong to Fabcell Limited, before which they changed several owners. JSC “Best Resolution” is registered in Moscow in November 2022.

Last November it was reported that Akhmetov intends file a new claim against Russia demanding compensation for all losses incurred due to the loss of assets and investments in the Donbass. We are talking about “dozens of enterprises in the mining, metallurgical, and energy real estate sectors.”

Rinat Akhmetov is the richest citizen Ukraine. At the end of last year, his fortune was estimated at $6.59 billion, a year-on-year decline of 43 percent. In second place is Victor Pinchuk with a fortune of 1.72 billion.

In general, in Ukraine only these entrepreneurs have a fortune exceeding a billion dollars. Just a year ago there were nine of them.

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