Putin acknowledged the harm of Western sanctions for the Russian region

Kaliningrad regionwesternmost region Russia, is experiencing difficulties due to the illegal actions of some countries that disrupt supply chains and try to organize a transport blockade. The president of the country announced this at a meeting on regional development. Vladimir Putintransmits RIA News.

He instructed officials to achieve economic growth in the region even in the face of the harm that sanctions bring. The head of state admitted that, although industrial production in Russia as a whole showed an increase of 14.6 percent, in Kaliningrad it fell 7.7 percent in the 11 months of last year, so more action is needed.

During the meeting, the president proposed to explain in detail what kind of business support is provided and to discuss issues of transport accessibility, that is, the delivery of goods and their export to international markets.

Also during his visit to Kaliningrad, Putin promised increase minimum wage (minimum wage) and highlight additional funds to increase presidential and government scholarships for students. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko clarified that 2.3 billion rubles will be allocated from the budget for these purposes.

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