December 11, 2022, 00:52 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov warned Washington and his allies about the consequences of ill-conceived and aggressive foreign policy actions. The corresponding message was published in the politician’s Telegram channel.

Pushkov made his statement against the backdrop of the publication of The Hill, in which he is preparing about the concern of the US authorities in connection with the leakage of weapons from Ukraine and their distribution around the world.

“The consequences of the aggressive and ill-conceived actions of the United States and its allies for themselves last for decades. So far, the West has been able, although not to neutralize, but to partially dampen these processes. But its depreciation potential is not infinite either,” the senator noted.

The Russian side has repeatedly reported on the desire of Western countries to prolong the conflict in Ukraine with the help of arms supplies. The Ministry of Defense noted that military cargo entering the territory of this republic will become legitimate targets for the Russian Aerospace Forces.

As the Public News Service wrote earlier Pushkov stated that ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel openly renounced her independent position in the framework of the events with Ukraine.

The senator drew attention to the fact that not so long ago, a German politician named the true goals of the Minsk agreements. Based on his statements, the FRG and its allies intended to give official Kyiv time to strengthen the troops.