December 12, 2022, 01:18 – Public News Service – OSN

Member Federation Council Alexei Pushkov responded to the appeal of retired Foreign Legion General Michel Yakovleff, who said that the Kiev regime could strike at Russian parades on Victory Day.

In his Telegram, the politician published the following text: “These political idiots may well bring matters to a direct clash between NATO and Russia. Sitting in Paris, talking about a strike on Moscow, with an empty head and a complete lack of understanding of the possible consequences.

Recall that earlier Yakovleff said that the military of the North Atlantic bloc should take part in the current confrontation in Ukraine on the side of the Kyiv regime.

As the Public News Service wrote, earlier Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov warned Washington and its allies about consequences ill-conceived and aggressive foreign policy actions.

Pushkov made his statement against the backdrop of the publication of The Hill, in which he is preparing about the concern of the US authorities in connection with the leakage of weapons from Ukraine and their distribution around the world.